East Coast Oysters are grown in the North Atlantic Ocean and are available in different tastes and sizes, they are sometimes called Jade oysters due to the similarity in color of jade whelk.

The Canadian East Coast Oyster can take up to 5 years to reach harvest size (3-4 inches). This is due to the Cold Canadian Waters, which provide these oysters with a World Renowned

Taste, even named world's tastiest at the Paris exhibition in 1900.

The Canadian Oyster is a sustainable, eco friendly product​​​​​ that not only feeds itself, but is healthy to eat. Its no wonder that they are becoming such a popular culinary dish around the world.

Live East Coast Canadian Oysters​​Live East Coast Canadian Oysters

Enjoyed Raw on the half shell, or cooked on the half shell
- Sizes – 2.5 inch – 4.5 inch
- Seasonal – September to May has the best quality

Half Shell Oyster – Frozen

- Shrink Heat Sealed
- Frozen Shelf life of 3 months
- Easy Handling, No shucking required

Retail Oyster Pack - FrozenRetail Oyster Pack – Frozen

Packed on a Styrofoam tray in a retail box with 8 oysters per pack.
- Provides Easily Handling for the consumer

Oyster Meat - FrozenOyster Meat – Frozen

Shucked Oyster Meat is great for cooking.​
- Packed in 250g and 454g Vacuum Pack Bags