ATL sources its Red Meat sea cucumber from one of the largest processors on the east coast of Canada, with a yearly production of over 1.5 million kg of raw material.

The product is fresh frozen in Canada and never reprocessed or from frozen state.

The meat is known for its distinct deep red color, while the skins are all natural, no salt or sugar added, 100% dried.

Dry Sea Cucumber Skin Dry Sea Cucumber Skin

100% Dry, All Natural Skin

- 40 – 45 piece count per lbs
- 45 – 50 piece count per lbs
- 50 + piece count per lbs

Pack Size – Packed in 30 kg mesh bag.​

Red Sea Cucumber MeatRed Sea Cucumber Meat

Fresh Frozen Meat.
Vacuum Packed in 2 lbs bags
Premium Quality
Red In colour

Red Sea Cucumber MeatNorth Atlantic Sea Cucumber

Whole Fresh Sea CucumberWhole Fresh Sea Cucumber

Whole Frozen Sea Cucumber, Dried or Raw

- Available upon request.

Gutted and Dried Sea CucumberGutted and Dried Sea Cucumber

Dried Skin with meat on.

- Available upon request.​