​Wild Atlantic Sea Scallops must be shucked at sea for sustainability reasons. They are offered in size ranges of U-10, U-12, 10-20, 20-30 pc/lbs.

Wild Canadian Scallops frozen in Canada, are only available in All Natural state.

US Scallops are allowed to be processed and may contain additives or water.

Fresh Sea ScallopsFresh Sea Scallops

Fresh Scallops are packed in plastic containers and are shipped on ice. The shelf life is 12 days from production date.
Pack Sizes – 1 kg/container
Other sizes available upon request

IQF Sea ScallopsIQF Sea Scallops

IQF Scallops are sometimes frozen at sea, but mostly frozen on land in production plants.
​Pack Sizes
- 1 kg/bag – 10 bags/carton
- 5 kg/bag – 6 bags/carton

Bulk Frozen Sea Scallops

Fresh Frozen bulk pack. These packs are great for the price conscious buyer. They are packed with the same quality as the IQF pack, but require the end user to thaw 1 bag at a time.

Pack Sizes
- 454g x 5 bags = 2.27kg/carton, 11.35kg/master

Retail Pack - Bacon-Wrapped ScallopsRetail Pack – Bacon-Wrapped Scallops

Made with the consumer in mind, these bacon wrapped scallops are ready for the grill. Continuing with ATL’s quality, they are only made with All Natural, no chemicals added scallops.

8 Scallops on two skewers, already wrapped in bacon.

Please inquire for details​